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Commence with the Comments

If you have nothing but good things to say, we'd love to hear from you! If you find something on this site is not working properly, tell us what it is and we'll tell you that we did it that way on purpose.



Before contacting, please check our availability first by taking a peek at the calendar on this site. Although we usually do one more than one appearance per day, the calendar is a swell place to start.

Keeping it Real

Please remember that face painting takes about 5 minutes per face, balloons take about 1 minute each, and that our magic show typically lasts 20-40 minutes. Please keep this in mind when inquiring about booking as one entertainer can only do so much within a given time frame.


To Clown or Not to Clown...That is the Question

For potential clients who are curious on whether or not they can hire an entertainer who is not a clown, the answer is yes. About half of our bookings are for Eli to appear not as a clown, but as a "real person". This is the perfect solution if your audience is younger children (2 years and younger is not the ideal audience for a clown), if you just have no interest in hiring a clown but still want the services, or if you want to save a few bucks, as the "real person" option is cheaper. Just ask us about our rates. Also, please don't ask about hiring Buster AND Sydney for an event. They are sorta like the same guy.


No Such Thing as Too Much Info

Remember, if you're contacting us for booking purposes, please include as much information about the event as possible, including time, location, type of event, and expected audience size.



Email: info@clowningbybuster.com for fastest results!