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Pie Throwing 101: A Master Class
Part 2: Pie Throwing

Many people often assume that clowns throw pies made of whipped cream. Actually, a whipped cream pie is one of the worst things that you can throw at someone. The oils and fats from the cream are hard to remove from clothing, and if the clowns are performing on stage, the hot lights will turn the whipped cream into cheese! So what’s the solution? Shaving Cream Pies! Regular non-menthol shaving cream in a can does the trick.

Using a standard tin pie pan, spray the cream around the outer edges and slowly work your way to the center of the tin, making sure the pie is hollow on the inside, igloo style. Hollow pies will not only save you on shaving cream, but they make a bigger and better splat.


To make the pie stick to the victim’s face, give the tin a quarter turn after the initial impact. This will create a suction that will leave the pie tin in place after you release your hold.

The recipient of the thrown pie needs to remember that before the initial impact, he/she needs to take a deep breath and close their eyes. Once the pie hit, they need to quickly blow outward.

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to pie throwing safety. Should one use thin foil plates, paper plates, or no plate at all? Should the pie be pushed into someone’s face or should the pie always leave the thrower’s fingertips so that the hand never makes any kind of contact with the “victim’s” face. Regardless of the technique used, remember that practice and common sense need to be part of your routine.


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